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Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions of business for Julia Bell Photography (JBP). All services and products purchased from JBP will be regulated by these Terms and Conditions, so it is important that you read them thoroughly before making any purchase. Please note that your use of our Site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms.

Booking Fee

A 50% booking fee is required upon booking to reserve your chosen date and time for your photo shoot. Without payment, the date is not reserved. JBP will return confirm receipt of payment via email. Please note that this booking fee is only refundable in certain circumstances.

Balance of fee

For baby and family photo shoot sessions, the balance of the fee for the session is due on the day of the shoot. For all other photo shoots (including christenings and weddings), the balance becomes payable no later than 7 days before.

Accepted payment methods are Cheques made payable to ‘Julia Bell’, and Cash.


If a notice of cancellation is received by email or post more than 14 days in advance of the photo shoot then a full refund will be given. Should you need to cancel the booking within 14 days of your photo shoot JBP reserve the right to retain the booking fee as a cancellation fee. At the same time, JBP will endeavour to take a replacement booking, and if successful the fee will be refunded.


We reserve the right to raise or lower any reprint prices as deemed necessary. JBP will honour all session fees and prices in effect at the time of booking the date of the photo shoot. Likewise, print prices are honoured for up to 6 months after the photo shoot. Thereafter all prices are as per the current price list. Please note that our suppliers may occasionally vary their print, canvas, and album product offerings and as such availability of a specific product cannot be guaranteed.


All print orders are delivered using Royal Mail Special Delivery (next day by 1pm) which require a signature upon delivery, and provide delivery tracking.

Gift certificates may also be delivered using Royal Mail Special Delivery or Royal Mail 1st Class post as chosen by the Client.

Gift Certificates

All gift certificates are valid for a period of one year. The shoot must be held at, or within 5 miles of, the location specified when the gift certificate was purchased.


This is a rare occurrence, but you should be aware that JBPs liability in such an event is a full refund. However, we will make every possible effort to fulfil our obligations to you on the day of the photo shoot, but if JBP are unable to do so then JBP shall attempt to suggest viable alternatives. If these are unacceptable to you, a full refund is the limit of our legal obligation.

Transfer of dates for Christenings or Weddings

If you need to transfer a booked Christening date to an alternative date, should JBP be available, then this is a straight forward matter with no complications. If however, we are not available then this is considered a client cancellation.

"Force Majeure":

JBP shall not be liable to Client for delays in performance occasioned by causes [force majeure] beyond the reasonable control of JBP and without its fault or negligence, including but not limited to, accident, illness, Acts of God, acts of war, acts of the government in its sovereign capacity, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, unusually severe weather, and delays of JBPs suppliers at any tier.

In the event it shall become impossible for JBP or Client to fulfil their obligations under this Contract for reasons of Force Majeure, the party so unable to perform may terminate this Contract upon notice by post or email to the other. In such event, Client shall pay JBP only for work completed and expenses incurred at the time of termination. The limit of JBPs liability shall extend only to the refund of all monies paid to date.

Creative License

This is deemed to be granted to your photographer by the very nature of booking JBP for a photo shoot. Every effort will be made by both sides during pre-shoot discussions and the photo shoot itself to best fulfil the photographic brief. Both parties are requested to communicate their wishes and ideas to the best of their abilities and voice all concerns, instructions & requirements where necessary.

JBPs photography style is very much based on capturing natural looking images, where the images are not radically changed during post production processing. Specific re-touching and post processing requirements should be discussed with JBP at the time of booking and may incur additional fees.

JBPs photographic approach to christenings, weddings and similar events is to record the events of the celebration as they actually happen and not to stage manage them; the result being a photographic record of the day.


All images taken in the course of the photo shoot remain the copyright of JBP. JBP reserve the right to use any images for self promotion, editorial or commercial uses unless instructed otherwise. If there are objections to any specific usage, please inform JBP and no images will be used in any self-promotional material.


The contractual relationship between the Photographer and the Customer shall be governed by the laws of England.